1620 Club - Rich in History and Tradition

In 1962, co-founders Pete Grundfossen and Edward Westerdahl II gathered a group of former student leaders and created a booster organization they called the 1620 Club.  For many years it served as an independent alumni-based social organization whose members stayed connected with the university. Over the years, 1620 Club members have helped advance the interests of Portland State as they assumed greater leadership roles in the community.


Embedded in tradition and celebrating more than half a century, the 1620 Club has broadened its membership base beyond alumni to include men and women who have demonstrated their commitment to the success and well-being of Portland State University.  Currently it maintains close ties to the PSU Alumni Association and The PSU Foundation.


 Caption: 1620 Club Co-founder Peter Grundfossen (left) shares a moment with long-time member Roger Capps ('60 ) at the Simon Benson House. 1620 Club co-founder Edward Westerdahl II went on to serve as key aid to Oregon’s iconic governor, Tom McCall.